Speedy Veganzales

Right, I’m gonna let you into a little secret now. I can’t cook. I’m terrible at it. People seem to automatically assume that as a vegan you’ll also be a culinary hero. I mean, you kind of need to be as you’ll seriously struggle in trying to find a vegan ready meal. But alas, I am a failure in the kitchen. This probably comes from 100 grams of inability, two teaspoons of laziness, and forgetting to stir in creativity. If I haven’t got the lovely Wrosie or Ellie to help me out (both of whom ARE culinary heroes, or heroines, or whatever) then I feel somewhat doomed, either feeling too apathetic to cook or feeling inspired only to be completely demoralised by the sheer range of stuff I could attempt. Nevertheless, I am still alive so I must have managed to cook something in my time as a vegan in order to still be talking to you right now. Hopefully I shall be able to share the secrets of my vitality here…

These are the Speedy Veganzales meals. The idea is to create a range of recipes for dishes which are both so simple that they make microwave meals seem difficult in comparison, and so quick that you’ll be eating them before you even realise you’ve started cooking. All meals in this category have a time limit of half an hour. Any longer and they simply ain’t speedy enough. Also, these meals should be able to be cooked up on the most basic of cupboards. You won’t see any ingredients here which require you to order stuff over the internet, hunt out a specialised store, or climb a mountain to obtain. All the ingredients should be available in your local Tesco Express. The meal will also need to be both tasty and (reasonably) healthy! Don’t expect to see deep fat fried lettuce here, no siree! Or maybe do if my other creations fail… we’ll see. Anyway, these are the requirements to create a Speedy Veganzales meal. Basically they should be simple for you to recreate. Now hang around, as the first meal in this category will be on its way to you err… speedily enough.


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