Another attack on vegan health…

A study has been published today highlighting the risk of a low level of omega-3 and B12 in the diet. There has been numerous attacks on veganism and its supposedly adverse effects on health, but this one is pretty amusing as it focuses on heart disease. Now, I’m no medical expert, but it’s pretty obvious that a diet that is low in saturated fats and cholesterol will result in less likelihood of heart disease. Obviously, there are other factors to take into account but diet is a key one, and I’m pretty confident that eating vegan will reduce my risks of heart disease in the future.

I’m not going to deny the importance of omega-3 and B12 in the diet, and I accept that B12 is fairly lacking in a vegan diet, but supplementation is easy and many vegan foods (such as most soy milk) are already fortified with the vitamin. As for omega-3, providing you’re being responsible as a vegan in what you eat, it is fairly easy to obtain the required daily dose. Flaxseed oil is a worthy supplement to take, just as many omnivores take cod liver oil. Presumably, oily fish is the most prevalent source of omega-3, but even when I ate meat I wasn’t keen on fish and not everyone is. So, this study would surely affect a large number of omnivores too, at least when it comes to omega-3? As a vegan, I use a range of different oils in cooking, omega-3 fortified margarines, and eat plenty of different nuts and seeds: all of which are high in omega oils.

The most amusing thing about this study comes from the conductor of the study, Duo Li – “Despite the fact that vegan diets exclude any foods from animal origin, in his recommendations Li outlined several sources of dietary omega-3 and vitamin B12 sourced from animals.” Thanks for the help there.

I know that the article highlights that vegans are generally at lower risk from heart disease, but constant attacks on deficiencies in vegan diets are beginning to drag me down. It’s so plain to see how many people die every day from excessive consumption on unhealthy, meat-based diets. Surely it’s time to start promoting veganism, and teaching people how to live healthily as a vegan, instead of consistently attacking it whilst the world’s health gets dragged down further and further.


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  1. Hiya Vegangstaz,

    I’m a newbie w’hoo and as a dedicated veggie myself I had good cause to check out vegan/vegetarian blogs – which quite happily landed me here!

    Yes I absolutely agree it’s about time society faced veganism and vegetarianism in a more positive and forward thinking way. Surely it is the future. We are too quick in promoting new technology so why are we so backward thinking with our food; the most important thing in our existance and yet there is no real insight as far as the animals are concerned.

    I feel so lucky that my life is cruelty free and I’m always looking at new ways to improve any areas that could compromise what I believe in. It’s such a pity that man is so selfish and ignorant but we can strive for change and if the average person doesn’t have the ethics then better health surely is worth promoting.

    Sally, fellow veggie


  2. Posted by Adam on February 25, 2011 at 12:50 am

    Where does the omega-3 in fortified margarine come from?


  3. Posted by flouncel on February 25, 2011 at 8:48 am

    Hi Sally! Thanks for checking us out and reading our posts, we really appreciate it 🙂 Glad to hear you’re a fellow veggie too, that’s always awesome. I agree, it sucks that mankind can’t seem to grasp the idea that we can live (and live healthily) without meat! But I guess that’s partly why we’re doing this blog, just trying to do our bit to inform people. How about subscribing if you like what you see here?

    Hiya Adam! The omega-3 in margarines tends to come from the various vegetable oils used in their production. Flaxseed oil is exceptionally high in omega-3, whilst others such as hemp oil, soybean oil, and wheat germ oil are also found to have a reasonably high level of omega-3 in them. Hope this helps!


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