This morning I came across a pretty interesting premise for a documentary. The film is called Vegucated, and the premise is simple: take 3 New Yorkers who live on a diet of meat and cheese, and put them on the vegan path for 6 weeks. From the looks of the trailer (see the bottom of this post), the three of them are given a decent helping hand in terms of learning the ropes with stuff like staple foods and ethical considerations. It seems like the 6 weeks turn out to be a life changing experience, and the film focuses quite effectively on the major obstacle in the way of the growth of vegetarianism and veganism: ignorance.

The film is premiering this Spring, and whilst I wouldn’t expect a wide-release of any sort, I look forward to seeing the full thing whenever I get the chance. Props to the three volunteers who took part in the experiment as well, whether or not they stayed vegan by the end of it (guess we’ll find out when the film is released). I believe that trying out a vegan diet and understanding it is one of the most important steps that anyone can take, and there’s no denying that the transition can be hard at times.

Look out for Vegucated when it’s released in Spring, and stay tuned to Vegangstaz where I’ll be detailing a similar challenge for the veggie-curious in the near future!


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