Vegan pub to launch in Bath, UK

Some good news for residents of Bath in the UK – you guys are set to have a new vegan pub soon enough! Vegetarian and vegan friendly pubs are a fairly rare breed at the moment, with only a few up and down the country, and even fewer that are specifically vegetarian. However, specifically vegan pubs are even rarer. Even in my hometown of Brighton, I can’t think of any pubs which are exclusively vegan (if anyone can, please let me know!), and after doing a quick search it seems like this will be only the third vegan pub in the UK (the only others being The Globe near Manchester, and The 78 in Glasgow, of all places). Again, if you can think of any others, please do let us know!

Anyway, this is a pretty exciting venture and I wish all the best to the future of the pub. This highlights again that veganism is a growing trend, and that step-by-step it is gaining recognition. Pub food is not traditionally vegan-friendly at all, so it’s pretty exciting to see innovations like this occurring, and I’m sure that if I’m ever in Bath I will gladly pop-in for some proper Somerset cider and some vegan pub grub.


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