Mercy For Animals Investigation Into a Texan Calf Farm

The latest Mercy For Animals investigation has been into the E6 Cattle Company’s farm in Hart, Texas. The farm raises calves for use in dairy production, confining them to tiny spaces which, as shown in the video, do not even provide room for the animals to stand. These small spaces are thick with faeces build-up, so these calves are left to literally sit in their own waste. Any calves which become ill from these terrible conditions are just left to die. Others suffer horrific afflictions, including open wounds and severed hooves. As one of the farmers on the video says “we don’t treat those cows. We don’t put much attention on them. No medicine, no nothing.”

The video also briefly covers the process of dehorning, which is already notorious for its routine existence in the animal industry. The process is done for a variety of reasons, yet is rarely done with anesthetic. This investigation shows the company dehorning the cattle by burning their horns out of their skull.

The most shocking aspect of the investigation shows the cruel deaths of the unwanted calves. This is clearly the only aspect of fun in the workers’ lives. They’ll drag a calf out from its pen by its head, forcing it to fall to the floor. At this point they’ll begin kicking it, standing on it, and finally beating it to death (hopefully) with either a hammer or a pickaxe. I say hopefully because not all die from this. The bodies, including those that are still conscious, are piled onto a truck and driven away for disposal.

This may just be one dairy farm in Texas, but this kind of disgusting practice can be found all around the world, and I have no doubt that this isn’t by any means the worst.

*WARNING* – The scenes in this video are brutal and horrific, as you can see from the content described above.

If you drink milk, you owe it to yourself to watch this video. If you are vegan already then the next time someone says ‘I understand vegetarianism, but not veganism’ (or some similar statement) then direct them towards this video, and ask them if this is something that they want to support.

Go vegan.

As a side note, don’t forget that we could be seeing enlightening investigations and footage like this being banned in the US – read more here.


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