Vegan Black Metal Chef

Today has been a good day. Primarily, this is because I just made some awesome vegan burritos. Also, tickets for wrosie and I came through to go and see Brian Cox do a talk on science next week. However, I’ve also discovered perhaps my favourite vegan cooking video of all time as well.

The Vegan Black Metal Chef is probably my new favourite thing in the world. Forget Charlie Sheen, forget Rebecca Black. This dude deserves to go viral, and he’s representing veganism whilst doing it so let’s make it happen!

In the video, the Vegan Black Metal Chef cooks a Vegangstaz favourite: Pad Thai. As you may know, wrosie posted an awesome vegan pad thai recipe about a month ago, and very little could beat her delicious and simple recipe, so check that out! However, VBMC gets pretty close to this, partly due to his hilarious vocals accompanying the recipe in the video.

Hearing the lyrics ‘then we must press the water out of the tofu, then cut the tofu in half’ growled in a black metal style whilst some tofu is sliced with a sword over some stereotypical black metal intrumentals is probably the most fun you’ll ever have watching a cooking video. Oh and the VBMC himself is of course donning corpse paint and armour. Probably my favourite bit is towards the end. Instead of cooking you have to summon the power of Satan. “You are missing one ingredient. That is of course the heat of Sataaaan! You must summon the dark ones into your dish by any means possible.” Amazing.

This video is causing quite a stir on the internet already, and it’s only been up for a couple of days. Let’s hope this actually does go viral. In fact, scratch that, I hope the Vegan Black Metal Chef gets his own show. Screw Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay etc. etc. This is the kind of cooking show I would actually watch!



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  1. The best chef video ever and vegan! Verge viral


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