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About the vegan health category

As we mention in our About page, we want to give a little extra with this blog, and to gain a more rounded picture of veganism it’s important to talk about the health aspects involved. Although perhaps a ’rounded’ picture is the wrong term to use when talking about health, and most followers of veganism don’t actually tend to be very round at all really…

Ok, I’m getting distracted here. What I want to do with this first post for this section is just help to illustrate some of the key issues that we’ll discuss under the umbrella of VeganHealth. Many people when they think of a stereotypical vegan picture a pasty, pale, thin mess of a person who’s shedding years off their life by following the diet, and shovelling supplement pills down their throats like some kind of crazy vitamin junkie. Now, there probably are a few vegans like that here and there, but then there’s such a range of people in all diets. And look at it this way, the Half Ton Man didn’t get that way by eating lentils and tofu. But nevertheless, we hope to help dispel some of these myths, and deal with some typical issues… *cough* protein *cough*. We will talk about important aspects of nutrition, supplements you should consider (but none are necessary – I would recommend some supplements to every one), as well as other useful blogs which discuss vegan fitness, and giving details of some inspirational atheletes too. Basically if we stumble across anything cool that is fitness and vegan related then we’ll probably stick it on here. So if you’re a fitness freak, curious about veganism and whether it’s healthy, or just need some inspiration to work up a sweat then hopefully this section will come in use!

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