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URGENT APPEAL: Farm Sanctuary Modesto Chicken Rescue

This is an urgent appeal for all our readers to help out with the Farm Sanctuary efforts in Modesto, California at the moment.

Farm Sanctuary is currently in the process of aiding and rescuing hens from a factory farm in the area. Two weeks ago, the farm was abandoned along with 50,000 hens there. They have been without food for this whole time.

Tens of thousands of the hens have already died, but with your help Farm Sanctuary can hopefully prevent many more from dying.

Hens are being rushed to Farm Sanctuary’s shelter in Orland, California, for emergency medical care, including treatment for starvation and dehydration. Farm Sanctuary is hoping to offer 24-hour care to these hens.

Many of them are now ridden with parasites from the appalling factory farm conditions. This, coupled with damaged immune systems, means that the hens are having to be watched consistently in case of organ failure occurring.

A survivor (photo from Farm Sanctuary's Facebook page)

One user of the vegan sub-Reddit page has said:

I know some of the people who are helping with the rescue efforts, as well as the staff at the shelter, and it’s just heartbreaking. Some of them have already died after being rescued, so many are knocking at Death’s door, many of them were just coated in feces, weigh next to nothing, are unable to eat or drink, extremely malnourished, and just so many more problems and ailments. The staff, interns, and volunteers at the shelter will be up day and night for many weeks taking care of these babies and trying to get them healthy. I’m sure a majority of the survivors will be adopted out to loving families through FAAN once their health is no longer a concern, so if you have the means to adopt a pair or more of chickens, keep your eye out for news in a couple months.

If you can spare anything to help in this urgent rescue effort, please visit Farm Sanctuary’s Donation page and give what you can.

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