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Hey there! Welcome to the Vegan Cooking portion of this little blog. As the name suggests, this is where you’ll find some tasty vegan recipes for you to (hopefully!) salivate over and then have a bash at making yourself.
::.How to use this section:

Before we get down to business let’s just explain a little on how you should use this section of the blog. The main purpose of this section is to get rid of this absurd notion that vegans only eat nuts and lettuce and show you that vegan cooking is far from drab and boring. We hope what you find here inspires you in your own culinary adventures. It is for this reason that the recipes contained here need not be followed religiously. In fact it is strongly advised that you simply use the recipes as mere stepping stones to aid you in your own culinary quests. So don’t panic if you find a recipe you like the look of but don’t have some of the ingredients just substitute them for something you do have, you never know you might make an improvement and turn a dish into something out of this world that excites your taste buds. Although there is the possibility that it turns out in utter disaster, but hey, that’s all part of the journey. Learning what works and what doesn’t. So we hope that the recipes you find here help you discover a whole new way of thinking about food and helps to open up a whole new world of tastes. You’re taste buds will have never had it so good!

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