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Go vegan, live forever!

Welcome to the Veganspiration section! The purpose of this section is to provide inspiring stories that’ll keep you feeling positive about veganism. It’s easy to begin to feel alone when you’re following a diet that most people think is nuts (excuse the pun). Perhaps you’ve even stumbled across this blog for that very reason. But fear not, you are not alone! And not only that, you are doing something awesome. Hopefully a quick look through posts in this section will make you feel positive again, and give you that boost that makes you think veganism is da bomb (which it obviously is). So if we hear about any vegans who are engaging in some cool stuff, whether it may be a celebrity who’s recently spoken out, or just some guy on Youtube performing some crazy vegan rap then we’ll post it here!

The first post in this section comes courtesy of Loreen Dinwiddie. Heard of her? No, thought not. So, what’s special about Loreen? Well she’s 108 years old, as of 4th February. That’s pretty old, and it makes her the oldest woman in Multnomah, Portland, Oregon. Now, I don’t usually feel very inspired by coffin dodgers clocking up another year, but Loreen claims she’s managed to reach such an age by living on a vegan diet, claiming she eats “nothing but fruit, vegetables and nuts,” although she then goes on to state that she eats this way because those things are in the Bible. As an atheist, I find this probably the worst reason I’ve ever heard for going vegan, and I’m pretty biased in favour of reasons for going vegan. Nevertheless, respect to Loreen, and for anyone who claims a vegan diet is unhealthy, try telling that to her. She seems in pretty good shape for 108 and it wouldn’t surprise me if she kicked your ass.

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