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The Taming of the Tofu (not Shrew!)

Tofu is, in my opinion, the food of the (vegan) Gods! It’s a great protein and is so versatile you can do just about anything with it from making stir-frys to making delicious cakes. Tofu really is the vegans best friend.
Alas, my love affair with tofu has not always gone so swimmingly. In fact, for years my feelings towards it were less than favourable. In fact there was one time my tofu ended up swimming in the sink but that’s a long story I care not to go into here.  Now however, tofu and I have turned over a new leaf and it let me into the secret of it’s taming: kitchen roll and a hefty book!
::.Let me explain:

If you follow these simple tips tofu can become your best friend too and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.
What you need:

–  Lots of kitchen roll

–  A hefty book and maybe a few cans of beans

–  About an hour

  • Tofu must be completely drained before you can properly begin to start cooking. So start by grabbing some kitchen roll and pressing down a little on the little fellow to squeese out some of that excess water. Then grab a few clean pieces of kitchen roll and pack your tofu safely up inside. Then whack a hefty hardback book on top (don’t worry you won’t hurt him, he’s a hard nut!). You could also put a few cans of beans on top of this if you’re so inclined.
  • Wait for half and hour. Go off and read a book or catch up on your favourite tv show.
  • Unwrap the tofu, flip it over, and then re-wrap with some fresh kitchen roll remembering to replace the book and cans.
  • Go away for another half hour. You could use this time to prepare a marinade or chop some vegetables for whatever dish you’re going to make or even do some of that pesky washing up.
  • Tah-dah ! You should now have the perfect tofu to cook with. All you need to do now is marinade or just cook it plain. Whatever path you decide to go from here I hope this helped and I wish you every success in your new tofu enlightened future! May the tofu always be with you.

Tofu top tip:

Tofu can also be frozen (and in it’s own packaging no less). This creates a chewier texture and tastes great crumbled. If you do freeze your tofu remember to let it thaw completely before draining or you may ruin the texture and you end up with some unappealing, spongy, and rather sad looking tofu creature.

I would also like to take the time here to thank the wonderful author of the cookbook ‘Vegan with a Vengeance’ for helping me out with my tofu needs. I wouldn’t be where I am today without that handy manual. So my thanks go out to Isa! I’ll be posting a review of her book soon so stick around to check that out!

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